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Launch of Mucodis® Vaginal Cream
Mucodis® branded range

Launch of Mucodis® Vaginal Cream

Quantum Pharma Plc (AIM:QP.), the growing, service-led niche pharmaceutical developer, manufacturer and supplier to the health and care sectors, is pleased to announce that Colonis, part of the Group's Niche Pharmaceutical division, has launched Mucodis® Vaginal Cream. The cream is part of the Mucodis® range of in-licensed patented medical devices, which focus on treating some of the side effects experienced by patients undergoing the treatment of cancer.

Mucodis® Vaginal Cream aids the treatment of painful symptoms induced by radiation vaginitis or vulvovaginitis due to radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy treatment of pelvic tumours. Of the approximately 172,000 women who are diagnosed with cancer each year, 20% (circa 34,500) will have cancers of the lower abdomen or pelvis1. This condition is known to affect patients for years after the completion of their cancer treatment2.

Approximately 352,000 patients in the UK are diagnosed annually with cancer and many experience painful or unpleasant side effects as they progress with their treatment. The Mucodis® range provides the NHS with prescribable products to address a number of the side effects associated with cancer treatments including mucositis, radiation-induced dermatitis, vulvovaginitis and proctitis. Colonis has been granted an exclusive distribution licence for these products for five years, with an option to extend beyond this initial period.

Since November 2015, Quantum has successfully launched the Mucodis® Mouthwash and Oral Mucosal Spray, Mucodis® Dermal Spray and Mucodis® Rectal Gel. The launch of Mucodis® Vaginal Cream today is the fifth product to be launched and it completes the initial Mucodis® range.

Chris Rigg, Acting Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Quantum Pharma Plc, commented: "We are pleased to launch the Mucodis® Vaginal Cream to help treat the unpleasant and painful side effects of cancer treatment. This completes the initial range of our Mucodis® branded range of unique, cost effective and patented range of medical devices for the treatment of some of the side effects of oncology treatment. The cost to the NHS is highly competitive versus other products in this area.

"Whilst it is relatively early following the launch of the range, and as such we are still in the market access phase, the initial response from clinical teams at hospitals has been encouraging, and the use in their units has provided favourable patient feedback. We are positive on the outlook for the range over the short to medium term."




Posted by: Quantum Webmaster on 5th August 2016