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Group Specialist Appointed At Biodose
Sarah Beattie, Care Home Group Manager at Protomed

Group Specialist Appointed At Biodose

Protomed, creator of the unique Biodose medicines delivery system, has created a new role that recognises the distinct requirements of care home groups.  Sarah Beattie has been appointed as Care Home Group Manager.

Protomed is part of The Quantum Pharmaceutical Group and Biodose is used by hundreds of care homes to help cut the risks that come with managing complex medication regimes. 

In her new role, Sarah will be working closely with care home managers to help them navigate the ever-changing regulations and reduce the risks associated with medication administration.

She said:  “With new NICE guidance and a revised CQC inspection framework, patient safety is under continued scrutiny.  We want to champion best practice and make it intuitive for care staff to accurately administer the correct medication.  Quite simply, Biodose is the best way of doing that, and it is the only medicines delivery system on the market to support the accurate administration of liquid and solid medication.

“I match care homes with the most appropriate pharmacies in each location so that delivery can be seamless and consistent.  We can also adapt Biodose to the individual needs of a head office.”


Posted by: Quantum Webmaster on 27th October 2014