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A Patient First For Biodose

A Patient First For Biodose

A consultancy leading a study into a new application for Biodose® will be presenting their initial findings at the Patient First conference this year.  Lynne Garforth and Sue Read from Ashburton Prescribing Consultants will be speaking on the second day of the patient safety event at London Excel on the 26th and 27th November.

The two clinical pharmacists currently provide medicine optimisation services in primary care centres to patients requiring anti-coagulation therapies commissioned by local CCGs.  Patients on anti-coagulant drugs such as warfarin are at particular risk of stroke or bleeding if they don’t take their medication as prescribed.  Stroke can have a devastating effect on patients and their families as well as costing the British economy £9billion a year.1

Patients have been recruited for the programme from GP practice based anticoagulation clinics.  Ashburton Prescribing Consultants have been evaluating the potential of Biodose and more recently Biodose Connect to help improve outcomes for anti-coagulated patients in an integrated primary care service. 

Biodose Connect enables live, remote monitoring and management of patient adherence, instantly alerting the patient, carer, clinician or pharmacist if medicines aren't taken as prescribed.  Through mobile GPS inbuilt technology and a patented tele-medicine solution, it allows healthcare professionals visual access to patterns of medication adherence via a secure web portal. It also provides automatic tailored text reminders to patients or carers and sms alerts to nominated healthcare professionals when windows of adherence elapse.

Biodose has already shown very positive improvements in the management of the anti-coagulated patients in the study and although in the early stages of implementation, Biodose Connect is showing potential to further enhance patient care and clinical outcomes.

[1] Medication Adherence Study, Aston University, 2013


Posted by: Quantum Webmaster on 12th November 2014