Quantum Pharma Plc, a service-led niche pharmaceutical developer, manufacturer and supplier to the health and care sectors

The Quantum Pharma Group

Quantum Pharma is a service-led, niche pharmaceutical developer, manufacturer  and supplier to the retail pharmacy, pharmaceutical wholesaler, hospital andhomecare markets. Quantum Pharma operates through three divisions incorporating eight business units across eight sites in the UK and Europe, offering a portfolio of innovative and synergistic products and services.

1. Specials

Comprising three business units (Quantum Pharmaceutical, UL Medicines and Quantum Aseptic Services,) which manufacture, procure and supply unlicensed medicines (specials) and special obtains. 

2. Niche Pharmaceuticals

Comprising three business units (Colonis, Lamda and PERN Consumer Products) which develop and commercialise niche pharmaceutical products.

3. Medication Adherence

Comprising two business units (Protomed (which owns Biodose®) and Biodose Services®) which provide products and services to enhance the likelihood of a patient adhering to medication regime, patient-focused specialist services and services to pharmaceutical companies.